SIP 8" Swivel Head Pull Down Metal Bandsaw (01520)

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SIP 8" Swivel Head Pull Down Metal Bandsaw (01520)

The SIP 8" Swivel Head Pull-Down Metal-Cutting Bandsaw is a powerful gearbox-driven with manual pull-down or semi-automatic feed, cast iron bow, coolant pump system, and quick release vice.

  • 230v (13A) input supply, 1.1kW (1.5hp) motor
  • Heavy-duty and pedestal-mounted swivel head with
    manual and semi-automatic options for larger cuts
  • Cast iron swivel bow; reduced vibration, increased
    accuracy, plus quick angle adjustments of up to 60°
  • Coolant system extends blade life and cools area
  • Cast iron vice with quick release handle; ideal for
    comfortably accommodating repetitive cutting
  • Limit switch and 24v safety control circuit
  • Rectangular cutting capacities:
    • @ 90°: 170 x 200mm
    • @ 60°: 60 x 60mm
    • @ 45°: 110 x 110mm
  • Circular cutting capacities:
    • @ 90°: 170mm
    • @ 60°: 70mm
    • @ 45°: 120mm

Technical Description:

ITEM NO. 01520
Input Supply: 230v (13A)
Motor Power: 1.1kW (1.5hp)
Operating Speed: 80mtr/min
Blade Size: 20mm x 0.9mm x 2085mm
Max. Cutting Capacity: Circular;
90°: Ø 170mm
60°: Ø 70mm
45°: Ø 120mm
90°: 170mm x 200mm
60°: 60mm x 60mm
45°: 150mm x 125mm
Net Weight: 172.40kg
Gross Weight: 224.50kg
Product Dimensions:
Packaged Dimensions: 990(H) x 1220(W) x 705mm(D)
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