Klingspor NFW600 100 x 100 x 19 bore PTX Polishing Drum

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Klingspor NFW600 100 x 100 x 19 bore PTX Polishing Drum

NFW 600 S – satin finishing drums for metal and stainless steel

If you need a tool that is perfect for surface finishing on metal, you will not find a better solution than the Klingspor NFW 600 S satin finishing drum. It has been designed for applications on

  • stainless steel and
  • metal.

Marked by exceptional workmanship, this satin finishing drum turns the chore of creating a matt or satin finish into a pleasure. It operates with superior economy thanks to its particularly long service life. What is more, the tool produces a uniform surface finish from start to finish.

Attractive surfaces thanks to the satin finishing drum

The Klingspor NFW 600 S has been designed for creating both matt and satin finishes on stainless steel and other metals. Satin-finished surfaces still show a certain fine structure, which is also referred to as satin finishes. During matting, the workpiece receives a continuous diffuse reflection. The purpose of this surface refinement treatment is mostly aesthetic, which is why it is often applied to furniture or frames. This satin finishing drum provides a uniform transmission of the pressure that is exerted on the workpiece. Thus, a precise influence on the optical effect is possible.

Hardwearing non-woven flaps for continuous use

The uncompromising quality of the product is also evident in the workmanship applied to Klingspor’s NFW 600 S. The satin finishing drum is made up of a synthetic resin core to which the non-woven flaps are bonded in a radial arrangement. Aluminium oxide is used for the abrasive material. It has a high toughness and is therefore resistant to cracks or fractures. The associated economical wear behavior leads to high efficiency.

The right measure: Speed and diameter

A maximum speed of 19m/s allows the satin finishing drum to produce the best work result. The centrifugal force generated at this speed causes the flaps to stand upright. If the speed is too low, the flaps will bend too much. This will affect the surface quality and cause also premature wear of the drum. To allow the tool to work at peak efficiency, the user must ensure the drum diameter and running speed are correct. If the speed of the machine is adjustable, the speed will depend on the size of the selected drum. If the machine does not have speed control, the user can select a matching drum from Klingspor's extensive selection. The NFW 600 S complies with EU standard EN 13743 and meets the requirements set forth in the oSa guidelines as well.

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