Fischer RG M12 X 160 Resin Studs (512247) Hot Dip Galv

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Fischer RG M12 X 160 Resin Studs (512247) Hot Dip Galv 10 PACK

The fischer rod anchor RG M is produced from hot-dip galvanised steel. The anchor rod is a systems accessory for various fischer mortar cartridges or injection mortars. Application with pre-portioned mortar cartridges is especially cost-effective for individual fixings. During mounting with the resin capsule, set the fischer anchor rod RG M through rotating and hitting motions with a hammer drill. The capsule is destroyed during the setting process, which mixes and activates the mortar compound. During mounting with injection mortars, the anchor rod is pushed into the drill hole manually by lightly rotating it. The system is particularly suitable for cost-effective fixing of machines, steelwork constructions, and staircases in internal areas.
  • The wide range of the RG M from M8 to M30 opens up a wide range of applications and therefore offers great flexibility.
  • The wide range of approved steel types for RG M allows for use in all corrosion resistance classes and offers the best possible application safety.
  • Please refer to the approvals for the resin capsules and mortar used.
Top Features
  • Approved for anchorage in cracked and non-cracked concrete, solid brick masonry, perforated masonry, and aerated concrete in combination with various mortar cartridges or injection mortars.
  • Anchor rod with oblique edge and hexagon for simple installation with pre-portioned injection cartridge.
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel for internal use.


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