Esab E316L OK63.30 Stainless Welding Electrode rods 3.2mm (46 Pieces)

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Product description

ESAB OK 63.30 (316L) is an acid-rutile, extra-low carbon electrode of the 18Cr12Ni2.8Mo type. Suitable for welding stabilized steels of similar composition except when the full creep resistance of the base material has to be met. OK 63.30 is very easy to strike and restrike and produces weld beads with an excellent appearance and self-relieving slag. Welding current DC+, AC, OCV 50 Volts

  • Size 3.2 mm diameter x 350 mm long (Approximately 46 Pieces per pack) 
  • Weight Supplied in a 1.7Kg Vacpac
  • Approvals ABS; E316L-17; BV; 316L; CE; EN 13479; CWB; CSA W48: E316L-17; DB; 30.039.06; DNV-GL; VL 316 L; LR; 316L; NAKS/HAKC; 2.5-4.0 mm; Seproz; UNA 272580; VdTÜV; 00262
  • Classifications EN ISO 3581-A; E 19 12 3 L R 1 2; SFA/AWS A5.4; E316L-17; CSA W48; E316L-17;Werkstoffnummer; 1.4430
  • Alloy Type Austenitic CrNiMo
  • Coating Type Acid Rutile
  • Ferrite Content FN 3-10
  • Welding Current DC+, AC


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